WeTeachMe: 5 Simple Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

WeTeachMe: 5 Simple Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

May 28, 2020 by We Teach Me

Flowers don’t last forever. The average life span of flowers is seven to 12 days, and they wither even faster without proper care.

Tired of having to replace your floral centrepieces every week? In this article, Bloomin’ Marvellous founder and floristry expert Jemina Richards shares five basic tips to make your flowers last longer!

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#1 Trim the stems
A lot of people may not know this, but it’s important to cut the stems of your flowers fresh after picking or receiving them. This is to allow for better water intake. Cut the stems at an angle so that your flowers can more easily absorb water from the bottom of your vessel.

Extra advice: After the first cut, trim an inch or two every few days.

#2 Remove excess leaves
Prune all the leaves below the water line to prevent bacteria from growing on your blooms. Some flowers, like roses, have two or three protective petals on the outermost layer, which you might want to remove as well. This will make sure that they bloom fully and also slow down the rotting.

Check every day for any dead or loose petals and just pluck them out. This will not only make your flowers last longer; they will also appear pleasing and fresh for a longer time.

#3 Store in cool temperature
Keep your flowers away from direct exposure to sunlight. It’s a known fact that bouquets last longer in rooms with cool temperature, so avoid putting them near open windows, heating or cooling vents, ceiling fans, and other appliances that generate heat.

Did you know: Flowers and fruit are not friends! As fruits ripen, they release small amounts of ethylene gas that can cause your flowers to wither faster.

#4 Give them flower food
Yes, flower food! Dilute a packet in your water to keep your flowers healthy. Remember to mix it properly – the water should be neither too diluted nor too concentrated.

Do this whenever you replace the water in your vase every two or three days. Flowers, after their stems are cut, will thrive in fresh, clean water.

#5 Clean your vase regularly
With the previous tip in mind, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your vase or vessel, whenever it’s time to replace the water. Like any living thing, most flowers need a clean place to live, even after they’re cut. Placing them in a dusty vase with dirty water will guarantee a much shorter life span!

And finally, a bonus top tip: Make your flowers stand out
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